10 Smart Building Myths Debunked

SmartBldgMythsSmart buildings have been proven to save energy, streamline facilities management and prevent expensive equipment failures. Yet to many property owners and investors, the value of smart buildings remains a mystery.

The reality is that in most buildings, one can demonstrate a strong business case for strategic investments in smart building systems and management technologies. Not everyone, however, is aware that the tremendous advantages of today’s affordable smart building management technologies easily justify the cost. See infographic (PDF).

Leo O’Loughlin of Jones Lang LaSalle has ennumerated 10 myths about smart buildings that need to be debunked in the marketplace. Briefly they are:

10. Smart building technologies are expensive

9. Smart buildings are only about energy

8. Smart buildings and green buildings are the same thing

7. Industrial facilities or laboratories can’t become smart buildings

6. Smart buildings can only be new buildings

5. Smart building technologies are not interoperable

4.  Smart systems don’t make a building more attractive to tenants

3. Without a municipal smart grid, a building can’t really be smart

2. Smart buildings are complicated to operate

1. Smart buildings are a no-brainer

Leo O’Loughlin is Senior Vice President of energy and sustainability services at Jones Lang LaSalle.


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