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PACE Financing in Los Angeles County

 PACEinLA As part of Energy Upgrade California, owners of non-residential commercial properties in Los Angeles County have access to an innovative financing mechanism to fund up to 100% of the cost of building performance upgrades—Property Assessed Clean Energy (or PACE) financing. 

Investment in energy and water efficiency is an intelligent business decision. Building performance upgrades bring multiple benefits:

  1. Lower operating costs

  2. Improve occupants’ comfort

  3. Hedge against utility price increases

  4. Reduce negative exposure to possible regulation

  5. Help the environment

  6. Boost property values

  1. Funding for up to 100% of installed project costs

  2. Lower financing rates than other products in the market

  3. Longer financing terms than would otherwise be possible

  4. Enables projects to be cash flow positive in Year 1

  5. May allow for favorable accounting treatment

  6. Allows for equitable sharing of costs and savings with current tenants, and future owners

What is PACE Financing?

For more information visit http://www.cleanfund.com/

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