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SDG&E – Measurement and Verification Guide

MeasurementGuidePerformance Tracking + 
Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Measure energy savings and track performance to find opportunities for continuous improvement.

A “how to” guide for developing robust M&V Plans, with samples for: lighting efficiency and controls upgrades; constant-load motors; variable-speed drives; and chiller replacements. Also includes guidelines on generic variable-load M&V; billing analysis using regression models; and calibrated computer simulation analysis. A must read for energy professionals.

This guide defines Statewide Customized Offering requirements for creating a measurement and verification (M&V) plan to quantify the energy savings and the peak electrical demand reduction resulting from your project’s energy efficiency measures.  Use this document as a guide in developing measure-specific M&V plans.

Calculated Savings projects do not require full measurement and verification as described in this manual.  However, short-term and spot measurements such as described in IPMVP Option A. may be required.  The M&V procedures in this section apply to the Measured Savings approach.  For a general discussion of Statewide Customized Offering options and requirements pertaining to M&V, refer to Sections 1.10 and 1.12 of the Statewide Customized Offering Procedures Manual for Business.

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