Business Resources


These resources aid businesses and entrepreneurs in their efforts to alter facilities, operations, and procurement processes to reduce their carbon footprint; develop/offer green products and services; share knowledge and experience; provide case studies; and support and participate in business incubation.

  • The National Resource Defense Council’s Smarter Business page provides tools to help businesses reduce their environmental impacts and increase profit margins. The NRDC’s green supply chain and green job subpages help firms evaluate their current operations and make environmentally conscious choices. Businesses should also find the water conservation  page particularly applicable to their current environmental needs.
  • The Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization that helps businesses capture the efficiency gains made by reducing the environmental waste generated by their products and services. The CBS offers networking opportunities, forums, and mentoring on environmental topics.
  • “A resource of environmental information, tools and data aimed at the mainstream business community,” is a place where businesses can learn from one another through articles, videos and sponsored events.
  • Cool California hosts a collection of resources that will help businesses calculate their carbon footprint and take action to reduce their emissions.
  • Better Buildings Challenge Los Angeles outlines incentives and tax credits that can help firms who want to reduce their energy consumption. BBCLA also offers monitoring, financing, webinars, and access to a network of other service providers that can help businesses become more sustainable.
  • Launched in February 2015,  LACI@ProspectSV is a statewide partnership that provides comprehensive support for clean energy startups.
  • Sustainability Pays, a Natural Capitalism Solutions report, is a collection of sustainable business case studies authored by groups like The Harvard Business Review and The Economist.
  • The California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy maintains a blog with posts about news, events, and resources.
  • If your Low Impact Development (LID) efforts include rainwater harvesting, remember mosquito vector control in water storage design.  The World Health Organization has more info here.

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