Everblues LEED Certification Courses


 If a person doesn’t already have experience on a LEED project, they must earn a Tier I Green Associate Credential before qualifying for a Tier II level specialization certification. This is true for whatever certified LEED instructor a student wishes to use.
 Interested in becoming LEED Certified? Everblue Training Institute is the largest USGBC educational provider in the world.
Getting Started with LEED Series

Page 1: Introduction (This Page)

Page 2: What is LEED?

Page 3: The USGBC and GBCI

Page 4: The LEED Rating Systems

Page 5: The LEED Credentialing Process

Page 6: LEED Green Associate Explained

Page 7: LEED AP Explained

Page 8: The Benefits of LEED

Getting started is easy even for professionals who want to demonstrate a green building expertise in non-technical fields of practice. For access to schedules for live courses, online instruction, live webinars, and practice exams, visit the Everblue site at www.everblue.edu .

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